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United Technology :Information Technology Consultant is developed as an IT & communication consulting company that focuses in serving the small to medium and large industries implementing IT & communication solutions. Our integrated IT services to our customers include Application Development(ERP), Business Integration, Internet Solutions, sattalite connectins , BPX systems ,security systems .


 We understand many in Saudi Arabia do not require a always-stayed I.T. team to manage their computers. However a stable and reliable computing system is still needed in this competitive world. In order to overcome this problem provides Computer Maintenance Outsourcing Solution aiming to deliver a low-cost but high quality maintenance service to these SMEs. Through our phone support, remote support, on-site support, regular inspection and troubleshoot training, our clients can make sure their systems are always fault-free and a professional 24/7 support team is always ready to fix the problems when disasters occur.

 Phone Support If you got any urgent problem want to have a quick advice, you can try out our phone support. Our team have years of experience in phone support. We should be able to solve your problem professionally.

Remote Troubleshoot In order to have a better understand to the problem you faced, we can remotely logon your computer to troubleshoot the problem. You can watch the screen with our support staff together and they can teach you how to avoid the problem again in the future.

On-site Maintenance This service is for those serious problem that cannot be fixed remotely, e.g.: hardware problem, hardware replacement, network problem, system upgrade, etc.

Regular Inspection In computing systems it is better to prevent rather than actually fixing the problems. So we provide regular inspection to our clients that our support team will perform an on-site inspection monthly. A brief inspection report that stating our suggestions will be given to you after each inspection. By identifying the suspected problems you can maintenance a reliable computing system.

System Consultation It is important consult I.T. professionals before you purchase or upgrade your existing computing systems because of the compatibility and expandability of the equipments. With our system consultation service you can get those answers easily and promptly. Our system consultants are always ready to serve you humbly and professionally.